Ouran highschool host club full episodes

26 "This is episodes Our Ouran Fair!" Transcription: "Kore ga Oretachi no ran-sai" ( Japanese : ) September 26, 2006 Lady Éclair pays off Haruhi's debt once she notices Tamaki's host interest in her, but Haruhi declines leaving, realizing she doesn't want to lose her friends.
She finds and labels the Host Club a "reverse harem" filled with "debauchery terms the Hosts find startling, given her age.
The twins decide to be highschool a part of the Host Club and enter, as usual, together.
When Kasanoda next visits the Host Club as a customer, he requests Haruhi; and because the other guests also think Haruhi is a boy, they become excited about the Yaoi possibilities.Yoshio Ootori, Kyoya's father, slaps him for wasting his time on a frivolous club, but Haruhi defends Kyoya, beginning to see the downside full of wealth.Tamaki provides him with directions and Haruhi is impressed by the club's insight and kindness, deciding to stick with them.Title, original air date 01 "Starting Today, You Are a Host!".The thugs host demand that ouran Tetsuya club Sendo, one of Kasanoda's 'fellas, be returned but Tetsuya appears and demands they leave before sharing with the Hosts how he came to serve his young lord.Nekozawa frightens everyone by casting a shadow of Beelzenef on the domed skylight, thus earning Class 1-A the title of "The Captains of all Cowards." 22 "Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!" Transcription: "Mori-senpai ni Deshiiri Shigan" ( Japanese : ) August 29, 2006 When the son.The twins have the upper hand as Tamaki struggles to be refreshing.After he leaves, Haruhi learns how Honey quit being the Captain of the Ouran Karate Club in order to join the Host Club.As they chat, Kyoya breaks the camera lens to destroy what he deems "violent footage" that would damage the club's reputation, but later edits existing footage to sell to their customers.Tamaki's half-Japanese/half-French background is revealed and Haruhi learns that one of her personal belongings was auctioned off on the Host Club's online auction site.She learns more of this when Tamaki's grandmother, Shizue Suoh, arrives being curt and dismissive to Tamaki, but introducing him to the Lady Éclair, the mysterious diva who his grandmother commands he chaperone.07 "Jungle Pool SOS!" Transcription: "Janguru Pru SOS" ( Japanese : SOS) May 16, 2006 The Host Club drags Haruhi to an Ootori-run water park where a wave pool separates Honey from the others. Akira decides to fabricate gossip, but is thwarted by the full Host Club.
Since they all game want to stay at the pension, Misuzu conducts a "refreshment" contest to see who can have the only morrowind available room remaining.
The twins are furious with Tamaki for being useless in a crisis and episodes Kyoya for being a "money grubbing enabler." Kasanoda tries to tell Haruhi how he feels about her, but can't because he's shy and because others would see him as gay.
He enlists the others and they go to Haruhi's apartment where she resigns herself to letting them in and serving them tea.The hosts race against time to recover Tamaki but find that Yoshio Ootori has ordered the Black Onion Squad to keep them from interfering.FUNimation announced two cast members every Friday on their website for the series which led up to the main cast announcements.The contest involves getting chores done while having guests see handsome boys working on the property.Toru says game he's flattered, but that he cares for someone else.Kyoya sees the ironic truth and laughs, demolishing the barriers between them and beginning a true friendship.Hina is invited to a special event where she and Shiro play their duet.She then sees that Kaoru only wrote "blank" on the back and realizes the fight was staged.North America by, fUNimation Entertainment, set for release across the region in summer 2008.Join game Now, back to login.Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru use a horse-drawn carriage to pursue the couple while Kyoya, Honey and Mori battle the Ootori family police.10 "A Day in the Life of the Fujioka ouran Family!" Transcription: "Fujioka-ke no Nichij" ( Japanese : ) June 6, 2006 Tamaki awakens from a nightmare in which he sees Haruhi living in poverty.Renge full now crushes on Haruhi.Seeing that Haruhi does not understand Tamaki's concern, Kyoya threatens to molest Haruhi while they are alone, to demonstrate how vulnerable she was and is successful in enlightening her.

The Host Club infiltrates his school and discovers that Shiro has a ouran highschool host club full episodes crush on a girl called Hina who will soon be moving away.
Haruhi wakes up with tears in her eyes and sees the Host Club dressed up in costumes similar to the ones they wore in her dream.
As Tamaki lags behind to pay respects to the shrine of Haruhi's late mother, he and Haruhi exchange a moment of empathy, but he trips and falls on top of her, making a bad first impression on Haruhi's father, Ryouji "Ranka" Fujioka, as he arrives.

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