Veritas volume manager 3.2

veritas volume manager 3.2

Removing a raid-5 Log volume Removing a raid-5 log involves first dissociating the log from its volume and then removing the log and any associated subdisks completely.
The OST_FIM method works only manager if the Policy storage attribute points to veritas a storage lifecycle policy that contains a snapshot-capable storage unit.
Encapsulation Disk is taken under VxVM control when it is initialized but the data is preserved in this method.
Off-host backup configuration options, automatic snapshot selection, selecting the snapshot method.About the copy-on-write snapshot type, about the mirror snapshot type, benefits of copy-on-write versus mirror.Ls -al /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 74 Jun /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s0 - ls -al /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 74 Jun /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0 - eeprom nvramrc nvramrcdevalias vx-rootmirror devalias volume vx-rootdisk # Verify that disk veritas is not defined as dump device.Adding a raid-5 Log A raid-5 log maintains a copy of the data and parity being written to the volume at any given time.But you can have it your way.By default, vxassist creates a concatenated volume using veritas the space available on a disk or on the number of disks in a diskgroup if the volume size specified is more then the one available on a single disk.This information is needed to change nvramrc.An active volume has to be stopped first to stop all the activities to the volume only then it can be removed Stopping Volume Command Syntax vxvol stop volume_name To stop appvol1 #vxvol stop appvol1 Removing Volume Command Syntax vxedit -rf rm volume_name To remove.Mirroring a Volume.1 Creating veritas Mirroring a New Volume.2 Mirroring an Existing Volume.3 Mirroring All Volumes.For my convenience I will be using OS native disk scheming.Before adding a new disk initialize. We can have disks naming scheme in 2 ways OS native and Enclosure based.
Keywords used are make, mirror, upload move, growto,growby,shrintto,shirnkby,snapstart, snapshot,snapwait.
Dg mydg default default 28000 eklab dm disk01 c1t2d0s dm disk02 c1t3d0s v myvol - enabled active file 1024000 select - fsgen pl myvol-01 myvol enabled active 1024000 concat - RW sd disk01-01 myvol-01 disk c1t2d0 ENA As you can see in the output above,.
You can also see the layout as concat in the 6th column.
Extending a upload Volume upload Caution : If you plan to use volume size file change (grow or shrink ) on a volume with data make sure you have the good backup of the volume available before carrying out such operation.
C1t2d0 alt 2 hd 27 sec 107.
You veritas can give any name to disk you prefer instead of disk01.
Removing a Mirror Removing a mirror involves first dissociating the plex from its volume and then removing the plex and any associated subdisks e last valid upload mirror plex associated with a volume cannot be removed.OS native Vs Enclosure based naming Scheme.Linux and AIX clients must be at VxVM.0 or later.C1t3d0 alt 2 hd 24 sec 424 a,0.Removing a raid-5 Log eparing a Volume for Online Backup.Displaying Volume Configuration Information xt Steps, about vxassist vxassist command syntax : vxassist volume_name attributes, commonly used options are given below (See man vxassist for complete list of supported options) -g for specifying diskgroups -b.VOX Community upload m Visit our social dashboard Privacy Policy Legal User agreement.About creating log directories, about the snapshot state file, policy configuration.

The FlashBackup policy type does not support this method.
Vxdisk -e -o alldgs list device type disk group status OS_native_name c1t0d0s2 auto rootdisk rootdg online c1t0d0s2 c1t1d0s2 auto - veritas volume manager 3.2 - error c1t1d0s2 - c1t2d0s2 auto - - online c1t2d0s2 c1t3d0s2 auto disque_local01 disque_local online c1t3d0s2 c1t4d0s2 auto disque_local02 disque_local online c1t4d0s2 c1t5d0s2 auto - .

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